We DO recover, and we can’t think of a better way to show up loud, proud, and visible than a march to T-Mobile Park to kick off a fun-filled day of baseball and sunshine. 

We host this amazing event in partnership with the King County Recovery Coalition, and this day is all about celebrating mental health wellness and substance use recovery with thousands of other people living their recovery journey.

Recovery Day at the Mariners features “Recovery in Action” booths including writing cards with messages of hope to folks who are currently in inpatient treatment, sharing your personal story, and taking your photo with signs that celebrate recovery (and even the Mariner Moose!). 

This celebration is family-friendly for all ages, and our section within the park is substance-free. 

While Recovery Day at the Mariners 2020 was cancelled for safety reasons during the COVID-19 outbreak, we eagerly anticipate our return to the ballpark in late August 2021.

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