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We mobilize people like you to raise awareness, challenge misconceptions, and be out and proud in your recovery. We know the only way to fight stigma is to expose people to the truth — recovery is possible, and recovery is REAL!

We change hearts and minds by sharing our community’s lived experiences through events, media, and public education:

Recovery Month

We celebrate and highlight recovery across the state during the month of September through a variety of events and activities with our coalitions.

Coalition Support

Our coalitions host local events to educate and engage community members in recovery — and the WRA supports their work through technical assistance.

Amplifying Lived Experience

Storytelling is a powerful tool. Through social media, our blog, trainings, events, and participation in national and statewide task forces, we make sure that recovery is visible.

Recovery Day at the Mariners

We kick off National Recovery Month with our favorite day at T-Mobile Park — a stadium full of people celebrating their recovery!

Task Force Participation — bringing lived experience to every table (Recovery Month Planning Coalition; National Recovery Leaders Meetings) — The WRA and our regional recovery coalitions are working to embed recovery advocates on state, regional, and local behavioral health policy and planning groups. At present, we have successfully placed advocates on five state-level groups and four local/regional groups. As one of our experienced advocates, Shereese Rhodes says: “If you don’t have a seat at the table, pull up a chair!”

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