We are now accepting nominations for a 2021 Recovery Champion!

All nominations must be received by May 28th @ 5pm Pacific.


At the summit held in May 2016, the Washington Recovery Alliance presented the inaugural Vince Collins Recovery Champion Award to Vince Collins. As the first of many awards to come, the Vince Collins Recovery Champion Award sets a precedent for future awardees who follow Vince’s commitment to improving the lives of people in recovery.

As the Washington State Director of Access to Recovery (ATR) for the last 10 years, Vince has been a shining light in the Washington States Administration to make the WRA’s vision of recovery for all a reality. Under Vince’s leadership (and successful federal grant writing) the ATR history in Washington includes 10 years of discretionary grants totaling almost $50 million.

Vince was instrumental in creating a Recovery Café, Washington State, and King County collaboration utilizing ATR to bring Recovery Coaching to our state. With Vince’s help, Recovery Café in Seattle hosted the first training which included a Train the Trainers module in September of 2013; since then hundreds of Recovery Coaches have been trained throughout Washington State.

In 2014, Vince helped identify and invite the participants and underwrote the travel and lodging costs for an initial convening of recovery allies. Out of this initial gathering, the Washington Recovery Alliance (WRA) was born.

Currently Vince has a lead role in supporting the Washington state Veteran Navigator program. Utilizing veteran-specific recovery coaching, this initiative was founded on the ideal of veterans helping veterans and is dedicated to serving those who have served our country.

Vince’s tireless efforts (and thousands of miles logged traveling around the state) epitomizes the WRA’s vision of recovery and wellbeing are realities for all. His legacy includes a much better organized, effective and connected Recovery Community in WA State.

Past Recipients

2020: Luis Rosales

2019: Jim Vollendroff

2017: State Representative Eileen Cody, for being a fierce advocate for mental health and addiction recovery. Rep. Cody serves as Chair of the House Healthcare Committee and has been a longtime mental health champion. In 2016, she made headlines for her work as an addiction recovery advocate, serving as the prime sponsor of 2016’s Ricky’s law, a pioneering investment in addiction treatment in our state. She went on to sponsor three bills targeting the opioid epidemic in 2017.