Recovery Housing

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In April 2017, the Washington Recovery Alliance, under the leadership of WRA board member Alan Muia, was instrumental in launching a new organization: the Washington Alliance for Quality Recovery Residences (WAQRR). The vision for WAQRR grew out of a need for universal access to and an organized database of transparent, high quality recovery homes for individuals in early recovery from substance use disorder. The WRA is a strong supporter of Oxford House and several Oxford employees are among our founding members. WAQRR is stepping in to tackle the lack of certification standards specifically for non-Oxford recovery residences in Washington.

In February 2018, WAQRR, with the support of the WRA, held a two-day recovery housing certification and training orientation with experts from the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). WAQRR will begin certifying recovery homes in mid-2018. To learn more, please visit the WAQRR website and/or email

Thanks to generous funding from SAMHSA, the WRA has continued to provide financial and technical assistance support to WAQRR.