2022 RAD is coming: Registration will open soon for Recovery Advocacy Day on January 26!

At Recovery Advocacy Day (RAD for short) in a non-Covid year, you would spend the morning with other mental health and addiction recovery advocates from across Washington to learn about sharing your story with elected officials, how to participate in a legislative advocacy meeting, and which pro-recovery policies we are uniting to support this session. You would be paired up with other constituents from your district, and then head to the capitol campus together to meet with elected officials and put your advocacy skills to use.

This year the principles are the same — except we’re doing everything online together to keep us all Covid-safe.

We make all of the arrangements for meetings with your legislators so you don’t have to. The sooner you register, the better chance we have of getting appointments with lawmakers in your specific legislative district. Last year, we had almost 400 advocates show up for recovery. That’s people power.

The day will include:

  • Meetings with your State Representatives and State Senator to advocate for recovery!
  • A welcome letter and custom WRA sticker
  • Opportunity to meet with other advocates from across the state, and your district
  • Interactive activities and ways to engage in the statewide recovery movement

We will have details for you about scheduled meetings with legislators in your district when you check in at the beginning of RAD, and we’ll connect you with other advocates in your legislative district using Zoom breakout rooms. You will still have opportunities to connect with people, we promise!

Want to sharpen your advocacy skills before RAD? You can read more about Elevate here — we will have more trainings coming soon!