Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the history, art, culture, and heritage of indigenous Americans both past and present.

Map of Washington state overlayed with the original lands of native tribes

This month, let’s make space to celebrate the culture and resilience of the many diverse Native American communities across the United States. American Indians and Alaska Natives currently have the highest rate of substance use disorder among all races and ethnicities in the United States, but Native communities are working hard to change that statistic.

“Many of our Native people are returning to the cultural orientation and attitudes of their own traditions as a way to implement intervention, treatment, recovery, and prevention of addiction and other harmful behaviors. They are doing this even as they live as part of the wider, dominant society. They are learning to integrate the best of both worlds. They can do this because our cultural ways activate the innate knowledge of how to live as a well person, which is inside each of us.”  – Don Coyhis, Mohican Nation and Richard Simonelli

Please join us in honoring Native American Heritage Month by checking out some of the resources below:
Do you know what land acknowledgment is, why it is important and how to incorporate the practice into your own life? Check out this Guide to Indigenous Land Acknowledgement.

If you’re unsure about the Indigenous Peoples’ land you are living on, you can search your location using Native Land, a growing database that documents traditional territories, languages, and treaties worldwide.

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