The Washington Recovery Alliance is always reviewing submissions for our blog and other pro-recovery storytelling avenues. Unfortunately, we can’t publish every submission we receive, so the best way to get your story published is to follow these guidelines. Here’s what we’re looking for:

WRA Blog Guidelines

  • Length: 700-1,100 words
  • Style: Plain language, or, write how you talk
  • Tone: Friendly, conversational, personal, and knowledgeable
  • Structure: Try to use headings and bullet points, if possible, and include a photo that connects to your story (please use only photos you have taken yourself or have permission to share)
  • Topics: Strategies for managing recovery, practical tips and tools that have helped your journey, ways to end stigma, your experience with behavioral health recovery (as a family member, caregiver, individual, friend, advocate, etc.), or whatever else has inspired or encouraged your recovery.
  • Goal: Be positive when possible, and realistic. Don’t shy away from sad or difficult topics, but DO include some component of hope for recovery.

Here’s an example of a personal recovery story from King County Recovery Coalition Director Heather Venegas, and an example of a blog about practical writing tips that can reduce symptoms from NAMI.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Every story submitted is reviewed by the WRA and not every story will be posted on the blog.
  • Stories with inappropriate or offensive language as well as information about specific medications or medical treatments may not be posted.
  • Stories which are longer than 1200 words may be shortened or not posted.
  • The name you submit will be posted on the Internet along with your story and may be shared on other social media platforms and indexed through Google searches.
  • This is not a place to promote personal blogs, websites, books or other works. 
  • Do not post personal information such as phone numbers, emails or addresses.
  • The WRA reserves the right to make slight edits to each story which may include adding or deleting information to ensure the post is in line with our criteria e.g., removing personal information, medication or facility names, etc.

How To Submit

  1. Send your fully-formed draft as an attachment to (Word or Google doc).
  2. Make sure you have citations/links to any statistics, resources, or health information you reference. 
  3. Include a brief author’s biography. All authors may have a 50-word bio at the bottom of their piece; you are permitted to reference your personal/company website or blog. Please include a headshot if you’re comfortable.
  4. Let us know what county you live in — we like to share local stories with the regional recovery coalition closest to you, and they may republish your blog on their website in addition to the WRA.

Note: All submissions we accept go through an editorial process to fit the WRA’s voice and style.