Bill Tracker: 2022 Legislative Priorities

We have identified three policy priorities and three supplemental policies to support during the 2022 legislative session. We will update this tracker with each policy’s current status on an ongoing basis. If passed, these pro-recovery policies will have an exceptional impact on the quality and accessibility of behavioral health treatment in Washington State.

Bill status is subject to change. Please click on the bill number to view its most current status on the Washington State Legislature website.

Policy Priorities

Bill # Description Importance to the Recovery Community Status
HB 1865 Addressing the behavioral health workforce shortage and expanding access to peer services by creating the profession of certified peer specialists. Allows peer professionals to become certified, increasing the number and type of settings they can work in. Dead
HB 2091 / SB 5952 Concurrent bills. Creating pathways to recovery from addiction by eliminating an obsolete tax preference for the warehousing of opioids and other drugs. Generates funding for a program that provides ongoing outreach and case management for people with untreated substance use disorder. Dead
Budget Item Medicaid reimbursement rate increase Allows community behavioral health agencies to retain and recruit more experienced providers by increasing their pay. Passed

Supplemental Policies

Bill # Description Importance to the Recovery Community Status
HB 2035 Establishing a behavioral health prevention and equity impact framework for the Washington state liquor and cannabis board. Requires the liquor and cannabis board to conduct a substance use disorder prevention and equity analysis prior to advocating for new rules or laws. Dead
HB 1905 Reducing homelessness for youth and young adults discharging from a publicly funded system of care. Provides youth and young adults with stable housing after exiting systems of care, increasing their chances of achieving and maintaining recovery.
Governor signed.
Chapter 137, 2022 Laws.
Effective date 6/9/2022
HB 1860 Preventing homelessness among persons discharging from inpatient behavioral health settings. Requires housing care coordination for people exiting inpatient settings,  increasing housing stability for people with behavioral health disorders.
Governor signed.
Chapter 215, 2022 Laws.
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