The Washington Recovery Alliance formed as a response to the lack of an organized voice advocating for recovery issues in Washington State. Since its formation, members of the Alliance have used their voice to promote and educate the public on recovery issues that need to be brought to the forefront of legislation.Advocacy

In 2016, the Washington Recovery Alliance organized the first of what is planned to be an annual event—Recovery Advocacy Day at the state capitol in Olympia, WA. This year, our focus was on Ricky’s Law, which has been spearheaded by Lauren Davis who currently serves on the WRA’s Public Policy Committee. Read more about Ricky’s Law here!

Behavioral Health and Addiction Advocacy Day

UPDATE 3/29/16: Ricky’s Law was funded in the final budget! That means they’re passing it! Thank you to the many, many people who advocated to make this lifesaving dream a reality!

Ricky's Law Passed