We advance mental health and substance use recovery by changing public understanding and shaping pro-recovery public policy. We ensure that people with lived experience of recovery are at decision making tables everywhere!

You can find a list of our regional recovery coalitions here. If there isn’t a coalition in your area yet, let’s chat! We’re always looking to grow the recovery community across the state.

If there isn’t a coalition in your area yet, let’s chat! We’re always looking to grow the recovery community across the state — we can help you start a coalition in your region.

The WRA brings together both community members and community behavioral health agencies. Organizations can become a member of the WRA by paying yearly dues and participating in advocacy efforts. If you are part of an organization and you’d like to become a member, click here.

The WRA does not provide Recovery Coach training directly. You can find more information about resources for becoming a recovery coach (or finding a recovery coach yourself) on our resource page.

For more information on the Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) and how Ricky’s Law created a unified standard of involuntary treatment for both mental health and substance use disorders, visit the Washington Health Care Authority website.

The Washington Recovery Alliance is a statewide organization focused on policy advocacy and changing public perception. We do state-level advocacy work in the legislature and call on our regional coalitions to engage local people in their communities in our grassroots-driven efforts to create change.

The regional coalitions do work in their local communities to educate, fight stigma, and turn people into advocates for recovery. We work together to create a statewide community of recovery led by people with first-hand experience.

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