WE ARE HIRING!  Please help spread the word about our King County Recovery Coalition Director position.

Concerned about a lack of an organized voice promoting, educating, and advocating for
recovery issues in Washington State, as well as a desire to capitalize on the excellent foundation of collaboration that the Access to Recovery grant program had created, Recovery Café in Seattle convened a state-wide meeting.

Leaders in the recovery movement throughout the state were invited to attend an initial gathering.   After two days of spirited sharing, passionate discussion and strategic visioning the Washington Recovery Alliance (WRA) was created.

The Vision Statement of the WRA is…

Recovery and well being are a reality for all.Summit 2-2

To that end, committees were formed, principles of recovery were adopted and a website and Facebook  page were initiated.

Since our initial gathering the founders of the Alliance (with financial support from the Access to Recovery Program) have met twice for two days as a whole group to continue to build the infrastructure to support a statewide movement of hope, action and change.  These changes include reducing stigma, promoting recovery events and inviting everyone to join in addressing the addiction epidemic.

We invite you to consider joining the WRA.  Membership requires agreement with our stated values of recovery, and is free for individuals.  For organizations please contact the Governing Board representative in your county.  Suggested dues for organizations with revenue of less than $500,000 are $150 and are $300 for organizations with revenue of $500,000 plus (if the dues create a financial burden for your organization please let your County representative know; scholarships are available).

Together we are building a better world for everyone and especially those who suffer with substance use disorder and other mental health challenges.